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The Stoner Guitars Family

Stoner Guitars is owned and operated by the Stoner family.  As small family business, have some advantages over the big guitar manufacturers and retailers:  Every instrument is built by hand with pride.  One-off designs and limited production runs ensure you get a guitar that is truly special...not one of thousands that look just like it.  Every customer is served and supported by the people who make our guitars, not a sales clerk or a call center rep.   As musicians, we appreciate and understand the needs of other musicians.  That's why we have dedicated ourselves to creating high-quality vintage inspired instruments at affordable prices.  We hope you'll take the time to get to know us and our instruments.  We stand ready to to serve you.

Shawn Stoner
Founder, Lead Designer

Shawn formally founded Stoner Guitars in 2013 after many years of fixing instruments and building guitars for friends, family, and bandmates.  He is truly passionate about creating guitars that look, play, and sound fantastic at prices that working musicians can afford.


Shawn is a multi-instrumentalist, who started on drums and then gravitated towards guitar and bass. In descripting his chops, he is fond of saying "As a guitarist, I'm one hell of a drummer".


Stoner Guitars' design aesthetic stems from Shawn's belief that infusing modern features into vintage designs creates an instrument with classic looks, modern playability, and tonal diversity.

Cody Stoner
Production Lead

Cody is an accomplished builder and a far better guitarist than his father Shawn.  Cody's mission is creating guitars that are accessible to a wide variety of players (and budgets) while maintaining strict standards for build quality, appearance, playabiity, and tone.  His graphic design background allows him to play an integral role in our marketing.  

Bryan Simmons
Master Of Merchandising

Shawn's life-long best friend, known to the entire Stoner Family as their beloved "Uncle Bry", Bryan Simmons is a gifted artist.  His original designs appear on our branded tshirts, hats, hoodies, posters, and stickers.  His artistic inspirations run the gamut...Art Noveueau, H.R.Geiger, old school tattoos, pyschedeilia, and classic concert poster art.  

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